Mon 26 June 2017

Tool for sorting images and comics.


Sun 25 June 2017

Tool to easily extract clips from longer videos.

Command Line Image Utilities

Sun 25 June 2017

A few helpful command line utilities for dealing with images. The title is pretty self-descriptive.

Spotify on foobar2000

Sat 23 July 2016

The lost art of using Spotify from something that isn't the Spotify client.

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Mon 23 May 2016

I had to write about something for a Contemporary Issues class. I wrote about Bitcoin.

I Made a RuneScape Bot

Thu 05 May 2016

I've created a RuneScape bot to automatically drop certain items in your inventory. I may have too much free time.

Hamlet: The Movie: The Game

Thu 17 December 2015

A video game I made for English class, very loosely based on Hamlet's To Be Or Not To Be soliloquy.

Rant Lite (a very bad idea)

Sun 26 July 2015

A simple re-implementation of the Rant programming language in Javascript. How many horrible crimes against programming must I commit before someone makes a better IL -> JS converter?