Not Katamari is a short game intended to play similarly to the 2004 Namco PS2 game Katamari Damacy. It was developed for my Intermediate Game Development class at Becker college. The assignment was to complete the Unity Roll-a-ball tutorial and to turn that tutorial into a basic level. Originally, I had designed a very simple level - as was the assignment - and was planning on turning that in. But, the day before it was due, I had the idea of making it a Katamari game. One sleepless night later, I had created Not Katamari.

The game doesn't play identically to Katamari. It is, of course, lacking the charm and quirky personality of Katamari, but that's something I couldn't replicate in a single day. But, gameplay-wise, the functionality of the ball has an important distinction. In Katamari Damacy, the ball itself grows in circumference as more things are picked up, and things can only adhere to the ball itself. The ball in Not Katamari uses a much simpler system, where anything attached to the ball can itself attach to other objects. This has a critical effect on gameplay: it means, if the player isn't careful, they can create a long chain of objects that make navigating the level difficult.

Had I intended this game to be larger than it is, I would've designed the ball differently. But for a one-night experiment, I think Not Katamari turned out pretty well. If anyone can complete it, at least.