After working on Colosseum Coach for a semester, I was assigned to Hyper Thunder Run 198X, an endless runner set in an eighties-themed apocalypse. Like Colosseum Coach, this project had been started during MassDiGI's Summer Innovation Program. Unlike Colosseum Coach, though, this project wasn't due to be released that semester. That meant our goal was to finish the major functionality of the game so that it could be polished and released the following semester.

Most of my work on this game was with its UI. I created an options menu, re-designed the stats page, and eventually took our artist's concepts for a UI redesign and implemented them in Unity. In addition to this, I created a daily missions system to increase retention, and implemented a speed selection feature to test out how players would react to being able to choose their difficulty. This feature, implemented only an hour before a public demo, ended up being popular with our test audience.

I also handled the builds for this game, on both Android and iOS. The build process for this game, due to a variety of factors, involved a lot of mundane steps that would inevitably be forgotten. After too much of my time was wasted because of these issues, I created a tool that could be run from Unity that would prepare the settings for each build for each platform. I also attempted to introduce automated builds into our process, but I ran out of time at the end of the semester.

Hyper Thunder Run 198X is due out soon for both Android and iOS.