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Sat 21 October 2017

Mounts Source Engine VPK files as a virtual drive.

Source Map Analyzer

Wed 09 August 2017

A tool for taking Source maps, VPK files, and the proper FGDs, and outputting a report on what you need to do to get it to work.


Mon 26 June 2017

Tool for sorting images and comics.


Sun 25 June 2017

Tool to easily extract clips from longer videos.

Command Line Image Utilities

Sun 25 June 2017

A few helpful command line utilities for dealing with images. The title is pretty self-descriptive.

I Made a RuneScape Bot

Thu 05 May 2016

I've created a RuneScape bot to automatically drop certain items in your inventory. I may have too much free time.

Rant Lite (a very bad idea)

Sun 26 July 2015

A simple re-implementation of the Rant programming language in Javascript. How many horrible crimes against programming must I commit before someone makes a better IL -> JS converter?