One of my team members on Colosseum Coach was a big DOOM fan. At one point, we joked about remaking Colosseum Coach in the original 1993 DOOM engine. I did, at some point, give this a real try, but the DOOM modding tools proved too difficult to learn for a joke.

Fast forward a semester, and in my Intermediate Game Development class at Becker our midterm project was to create a short game, one level, unique from any of our previous projects in the class. I decided to give a DOOM-inspired version of Colosseum Coach a real go - but in Unity, this time. Two weeks later - one for development, one for polish - this is the result.

You play as a gladiator, in a colosseum, who has to defend themselves against ten waves of enemies using only a sword and a bow. The enemies are humans, lions, and hydras, each of which have their own unique AI and behavior. The gameplay is pretty simple - the rest is polish. The second week of development, which we were given to polish our original prototype, was used almost entirely to create a DOOM-like feel. From the look of the menu, to the downsampling and palette-swapping post-processing effects (which used custom-written shaders), a lot of work was put in to making this seem a little bit like something you might've played in 1993.

I think this would be a cool idea to revisit at some point, with a different approach to the concept.