I Made a RuneScape Bot

I've gotten back into RuneScape recently - old school, of course. It's a good game to play when you're trying to pay attention to something else, because the entire game is about grinding.

Something I've always hated with RuneScape is that there's no "Drop All of Type" option. If I'm grinding mining or something, and I get a bunch of ore, sometimes I just want to drop it all on the ground instead of having to head to the bank to deposit it. Sadly, this feature has never been added.

So to fix this, I made a bot to do it. Here's a video:

It's actually pretty simple. The "Find Inventory Items" step just takes a screenshot of the RuneScape window, then seperates out the images of each item. It then filters out the background (just using a list of colors), and computes an average hash of the image for comparison with other items. The "Drop" step then finds all the items of a type, selects a random point on each item, and lerps between the item positions and simulates mouse clicks. That's basically it.

I'm not releasing it yet because it's incredibly buggy and doesn't work with anything other than the desktop Old School RuneScape client with a member account running in the default size. Maybe I'll release it. Maybe not! I don't know.