My Own Personal Soundcloud Archive

Well, it turns out that SoundCloud might be dead two months from now. I don't know if that's true, or whether they're going to find more investors, or if they're going to be acquired. What I do know is, if the site goes belly up, nobody's going to bother archiving anything I've put there.

Here's an archive of all the tracks I've uploaded to SoundCloud in chronological order. Feel free to download any of them by right clicking on the audio player and selecting "Save audio as..."

Russian Revolution

The first tracks I uploaded to SoundCloud that are still on my page (I've deleted a few over the years to make room for more) were the six tracks I made for a class movie about the Russian Revolution. I also edited and half-directed the movie, which you can find here if you care, which you don't. Originally posted March 2013.

Since there's six of them, I've chosen to put them in a zip:


This is my most popular track on SoundCloud. It's simply titled "ambient." Not the most complex song. Originally posted 2 April 2013.


When I started making music, I really wanted to make electro house. I was really into Uppermost and Wolfgang Gartner at the time, and Wolfgang Gartner's song Push & Rise inspired this track. I didn't quite grasp the electro house formula, though. The original description was the lyrics to "Push & Rise." Originally posted 23 April 2013.

City Streets

After I saw "ambient" getting popular (well, more popular than anything else I'd made) I decided to try to make another song in that vein. "City Streets" is a result of that. It wasn't as popular as "ambient" but I was more proud of it. You can even hear my voice in it! Originally posted 3 May 2013.


It shares a name and ocean sound effects with a Daft Punk song, but frankly this has nothing else in common (it's definitely not as good, at least). I originally made it as part of a soundtrack for a game jam game, but never finished the game. The vocal sample used is the opening to "Amazing" by Mystery Skulls. Originally posted 3 July 2013.


This is based around a sample from a Gaming Garbage video titled Freak Out. You can hear the sample in the last three or so seconds of the video. Originally posted 10 August 2013.


This is the closest thing I had gotten at the time to what maybe could be a good song. I didn't really know where to take it, though. I don't know what's up with the title but I believe it has something to do with pizza. Originally posted 23 October 2013.


This was an honest and failed attempt to ape the style of DyE. The original description was "help i have been listening to too much DyE." Originally posted 23 October 2013.


I spent a lot of my time trying to imitate someone else's musical style. This song was an attempt at mimicking Bellum by WAEK. Originally posted 2 November 2013.


I don't know where the title comes from. I do know that this song is an attempt at copying Pix. More successfully than previous attempts at copying styles. Originally posted 8 November 2013.


The title comes from the PolyKB II, the synthesizer I used for the main melody of this song. It's actually a pretty OK track. Originally posted 21 December 2013.

Ret's Talk

In the style of "FREAK OUT", this track takes samples from the first episode of Retsutalk. Originally posted 12 February 2014.

Fake Friends

For whatever reason, I decided to publish my actual work for a time on a separate SoundCloud account. The first song I uploaded was this, titled "Fake Friends." I don't know why I titled it that, but man, it can't be good, right? Originally posted 15 June 2014.

no more time left

There was a toy keyboard in the corner of a math class I had. This is an eight minute recording of some sounds made on it. I wouldn't normally upload this (the quality is really bad), but a friend of mine wanted me to. The title comes from the fact that, when I uploaded this, I had no more time on my SoundCloud account, and had to delete some junk (this was posted on my original account). Originally posted 30 June 2014.


This is probably the first track of mine I actually asked for feedback on. The version I've posted here is the third version of the song, published about a month after the first (which was published June 26th). At the time, I was really proud of this song. You can actually find it on Spotify, along with some other kinda-bad tracks. Look for "Chairmen of Austin County." This track was renamed "Space Revenge 2: Son of Revenge of Space" on Spotify. Originally posted 19 July 2014.

Bleep Bloop

This is the last track I published on my alternate SoundCloud account. After this, I kinda just stopped making music for a while.

sean's a weeb

I've included this here for posterity, but there's really no reason to listen to this. It's an inside joke based on Darude Sandstorm. Originally posted 28 April 2015.


This song is a cover of the Dilbert 3 soundtrack, which itself is I believe a cover of the RoboCop for Gameboy theme song. Originally posted 10 August 2015.

i figured out how to use garageband

I was playing around with Garage Band one day on someone else's PC and made this. Originally posted 10 November 2015.

80s yo

Just a cool little bit of a song which could conceivably be from the 80s. The second and last thing I ever made in Garage Band. Originally posted 10 November 2015.

The Crystal Lake (Grandaddy Cover)

Grandaddy is one of my favorite bands, and I decided to cover one of their songs. It's not a good cover by any means, and I'm so embarrassed by my voice that I made it private just a few days later. But now you get to hear it! Originally posted 18 November 2015.

protected from the rain (another grandaddy cover)

This is actually probably closer to the original song than the previous cover, but I'm still kinda embarrassed about it, and I also made it private soon after. Originally posted 18 November 2015.

Windows CE

I've always had trouble while making music with deciding where to go with a song. I come up with a really sweet hook or something that sounds really good, and then I kinda repeat it for the entire song because I don't know what to do with it. This is an example of that: it could be a decent electro house song if I knew what to do with it. Originally posted 1 May 2016.

what is this ????

Some point back in 2013 I made this track which I left in a public Dropbox folder for sharing music. The file was called "somethingweird.ogg", and it is, indeed, something weird. The date here is the date I put it on SoundCloud. Originally posted 26 May 2016.

some synthpop of smth

Remember when I said I have problems deciding where to go with a song? This might be a decent synthpop or synthwave track if I completed it right. Originally posted 24 October 2016.

some kinda groove

My second most recent track, after a long period of not making anything. I believe I actually made this before the last track, but I didn't post it until much after. I feel like I had bigger plans for it. Originally posted 26 May 2017.

i should probably upload this at some point

This is my most recent track. It's actually pretty good, I think. Originally posted 26 May 2017.


I just wanted to save some other tracks in case SoundCloud goes down. I didn't make these, but I want them to be around.